AC Cleaning Services are required by AC’s periodically depending upon factors like environment, location of premises and climatic conditions. It includes thorough cleaning of AC of All types such as Window AC, Split or Centralised AC.

Dismantling AC and removing dirt/dust with help of professional equipment for best performance.

ac cleaning service

Machines are meant in a way that they deteriorate after a specific time. AC also requires periodic repair and maintenance. Our AC repair services includes inspection of whole AC unit and fixing the parts or replacing them with new ones of best quality.

All the repairs are done by professionals in a way that they provide you safety as well.


AC Gas Refilling is a service which is required every year especially in a city like Delhi where temperature goes up to 50 degrees in summer. The phenomena of cooling is dependent of gas. If it is not filled, the AC would have less cooling effect.

OAS provides Gas refilling Service in all kinds of AC’s and examines AC unit to avoid any leakages.


AC Installation requires a lot of planning as per the suitability of factors like AC type, size, placement, proximity of switches and decor of a room. Handling wires, connection and installation of required complimentary equipment to AC.

Providing a great finish is the prime focus of OAS along with safety.

A dedicated team of AC technician is assigned at OAS for handling AC requests of business clients such as Hospitals, Institutes, Offices, Banquets and Banks. This usually comprises of large number of AC’s for service and maintenance.

We have different packages for commercial AC services as per the nature of the job.


AC Shifting is a complicated process altogether but with OAS its a very simple process. We dismantle the entire AC unit from premises, thereafter cleaning and inspecting it thoroughly. Thereafter, reinstalling the AC at new premises.

Our Clients do not have to care about anything as our technician take complete care of everything.

ac shifting


If you got any kind of AC problems related to Power, operations, breakage, etc. You can call us anytime between 9 am to 9 pm.

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