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Outsource All Services has been serving clients over 3 years now, providing them the best AC service in Delhi. We are a group providing you best AC services from professional technicians who have years of experience in handling different types of AC’s.

In 2019, we marked our online presence however due to pandemic it was challenging to serve our clients actively to our expectations.

All the OAS technicians are happy to help and provide best repair and service for your AC needs. We value each and every customer.


Reliable AC Service in Delhi


AC Service

Thorough cleaning of the AC including compressor by removing all the dirt using all the professional equipment and methods of cleaning.


AC Repair Service

We diagnose the all the spare parts of AC and fix or replace it as per the need, in order to avoid any breakage and for enhancing performance.


Commercial AC Service

OAS has got dedicated team for commercial AC services based on differential AC needs of various Businesses, Hospitals, and Institutes.


AC Gas Filling Service

Gas Refilling is essential for AC. It must be done and inspected every year as it boosts the performance thus using less amount of energy.


AC Installation

This is a important aspect as one needs to do entire setup for AC based on proximity of Switches, Fixtures, Placement, type and size of AC.


AC Shifting

This Service includes uninstallation of AC from one premises, cleaning it and servicing it 360 deegree and reinstalling AC at new premises.

Need for AC Service in Delhi

We all are aware about the climatic condition of Delhi, in winters the temperature goes down and in summers It rises very high to a point where it burns our skin as well. In such weather, the temperature is about 50 degree Celsius and thus makes it essential for people to use AC’s for some relief. 

But little do people know that along with their need for AC, AC also has needs for AC Service. One must understand the need for ac service in Delhi. The following are few important reasons to know why an ac require service periodically:

  • Prolonged AC life

If you do the clean and keep upkeep your AC with the help of professional AC service, there is no doubt that your AC will be a winner in the long run without any hassle.

  • Low Risk of breakage

When you service your ac on regular intervals, there is a reduced risk of the spare parts for breakdown. Breakdown of any machine is very expensive and stops the smooth working of the machines. In order to avoid this situation, it is advisable to periodically inspect AC for requirement of Service.

  • Optimum AC Performance

With the help of AC Service, AC’s are able to perform very well in terms of their cooling ability and noise reduction without being a matter of concern for anybody.


A well serviced AC saves your cost by saving energy as Ac’s does not consume any extra energy for smooth functioning and providing you a cool environment.

Choosing OAS for AC service in Delhi

Experienced Staff

Outsource All services have team members who are experienced in offering all types AC services for many years. 

Efficient Services

The AC service helps you save a lot of money by saving energy in the long run. A well maintained AC which has been serviced efficiently results in increased AC performance.

90 days Warranty

We offer a 90 days warranty on all parts of AC replaced during the services. This means a 3 month straight warranty on any wear and tear of your AC. This is a nominal time to analyse the performance and quality of spare parts used.

Best quality Spare parts 

The spare we use in the AC are of superior quality. These parts are quality tested and therefore we do not hesitate to offer a 3 months warranty on our AC repair. One can simply check for the quality themselves for their satisfaction too.

Professional tools

Our AC Technician uses professional tools required in handling different types of operation while offering AC service. These include Power Jet, Covers, variety of Screwdrivers, etc

Based at location Near you

We offer all types of AC Service in Delhi. These services are offered at your doorstep which also means we offer AC service near you.

Emergency repairs

We have a dedicated team for handling any kind of emergency situation related to your AC which is readily available all the time for you.

24*7 Customer Support

Outsource All Services have a support team for all our customers, we are dedicated to reach our customers for all kinds of queries.

Coverage of AC Service & Repairs

We cover all the aspects of AC service & repairs. The various aspects that matters in coverage of AC service are:

AC Usage

It refers to defining the purpose of AC operations. It is important as it signifies the scale of ac service to be offered.

  • Home

Outsource All Services offer ac services for all household AC’s at their doorstep. Be it a Flat, double storey, Bungalow, Villa, Floor etc. Our AC experts understand the need for AC and its services for everyone’s home. 

  • Office

AC service for each office is unique as it determines the comfort level of employees working at an office. Directly or indirectly, this impacts the productivity of an organization.

AC’s are used on a larger scale and in high intensity as compared to household purposes and hence require special attention along with periodic services.

  • Institute

Institutes refers to educational centers such as schools and colleges. They have special needs as they want the ac repair and services to be done in other than their working hours so that there is no impact on their operations.

Also, they involve a large number of AC’s and various types of AC’s. Thus, It requires experts who are well versed with knowledge of AC and all its needs.

  • Malls

Shopping Malls have been in trend over the past two decades. There is no doubt people love to buy and enjoy luxury at shopping malls which make it compulsion for various shop and office owners to have their AC up and running. We offer unique packages for upkeep of their AC’s too.

  • Hospitals

Hospitals and medical facilitators have evolved themselves over a period of a decade. They are now concerned not only about their patients but also about their staff members. This is done for making a comfortable environment for everyone which includes the process of AC installation.

When we mention AC’s, the requirement for services comes along with it automatically. Hospitals comprises various types and brands of AC which can only be fixed and maintained by experienced professionals such as Outsource All Services.


We offer AC service for all brands of AC such as:

Haier, Voltas, Hitachi, Samsung, Daikin, O General, Mitsubishi, Croma, LG, Croma, Blue Star, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Carrier, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Lloyd, Godrej, Onida, etc.

Types of AC

We cover AC service for all types of AC’s which includes Window AC, Split AC, Portable AC, Centralized AC and HVAC. It requires an experienced and trained professional who is determined to deal with challenges while offering services with a smile.

Locations covered for offering complete AC service near you

We are currently serving doorstep AC service in Delhi.

Delhi is the country capital of India with plenty of unique things to explore in terms of food, monuments, travel/tours, culture, traditions, handicrafts, Shopping Malls, Recreational centers, Offices, NCR region, Hospitals, Institutes and Government offices too.

Thus, we have started to gradually cover the entire capital of India.  We are presently active in many locations for reaching out to you offering doorstep AC service at nominal cost.


Let’s see what our clients have to say about the services they have availed.

They got courteous staff members who are ready to help their customers. Effective services in no time. a big thumbs up for OAS.
I have availed ac service twice as of now and both my AC works as if they are new. Brilliant services at Nominal prices. I took AC repair service and I got a 90 days warranty as well.
I called up OAS during Pandemic, their service was good no doubt in that. Also, they followed very hygienic way to provide everything. The technician not only sanitized himself but all equipment too


If you have any kind of AC problems related to Power, operations, breakage, etc. You can call us anytime between 10 am to 10 pm.

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