AC automation is a process in which your ac is programed to work in energy effective way. Air conditioning systems which have programmable thermostats gives you the power to ensure that your ac will only work when there is change in temperature. this is not the only example of automatic air conditioning system. there are so many advantages of automatic air conditioner.

Almost all modern equipment can works in automatic mode. Automation of machinery is a positive factor, and it is very convenient function for users. Household air conditioners work in automatic mode thanks to a microprocessor to which all sensors are connected. These sensors reacts to temperature and humidity, filters, power supply, voltage and other external parts.

The remote control allows users to control AC, it helps users to select operation modes and all other important features.

If there are several air conditioners installed in the room or in a hall, each and every indoor system can be operates independently and all together. so this technology and this technology made our life simple and convenient.

Air conditioning and ventilation automatic systems are widely used in industrial and corporate places, like large commercial and entertainment complexes, sports clubs, hotels and at other similar places.

Types of automation

  • Automation of air conditioning and ventilation systems is Depending on the needs of the customer.
  • Automation of air conditioning systems can be partial, integrated and complete.
  • Partial automation involves human involvement in the management of the system, and full automation works through computer.

Partial automation involves manually control of AC modes and you can monitor the performance of Ac.

Fully automation is used in larger areas, all information of machinery is transmitted to the central desk, the operator can monitor all processes and make changes to optimize the system.

Modern automation – the principle of its implementation.

If you want to install a fully automatic Air conditioning system. you have to start a new project. where all parameters of premises and characteristics of existing equipment are taken into records, and you have to make a procedure of installation of sensors, controllers and other important. It is very important to give the project to a experienced professionals who specialize in installation of such air Conditioning unites.

By the way, in most cases, it is not recommended to install a complete automation system. Ventilation and air conditioning have a direct impact on health of people, so choose your air conditioning system care fully.

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