What is an air conditioner and its need?


Air conditioner is a machine which is used for maintaining optimal temperature in houses, offices, etc as it also cleans indoor air from unwanted particles. Air conditioners are designed to reduce air temperature in the room during heat or (more rarely) – to increase the air temperature in the winter season.

Now days you can see air conditioners at almost every place you visit. Like shopping malls, hospitals, stores, etc air conditioner is become need of new generations. If we talk about 90’s there are cars which don’t even have air conditioners but if we compare it with 2021 then you can’t imagine a car without an air conditioner.

Every summer’s temperature rises massively if we talk about temperature of Delhi then you will see maximum temperature of 46.4°C in June 2020 so due to ingress in temperature the need of air conditioners rises

Types of air conditioners

  • Central Air Conditioner
  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Portable Air Conditioner

These all are the type of air conditioners which are used in offices, houses hotels, etc. feel free to ask any questions in the comments we will happy to answer.

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