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Mobile air conditioner is a monoblock unit, which is designed for air cooling and sometimes heating of a small room (if it has the appropriate function). as you can see in above image mobile.

mobile air conditioner cooling capacity.

In order to have efficient work of a air conditioner it is necessary to remember that the height of the ceiling in a premise should be not more than 2,5 m, and the area should not exceed 35 square meters. There are also industrial mobile air conditioners, which can cool large premises, but they will hardly add comfort in a household, because of the strong noise

Advantages of mobile air conditioner

  • No installation required (no need to wait for your turn when an installer gets to you)
  • Possibility to move freely in the rooms
  • No outside unit
  • Acceptable price

There are disadvantages too

  • Less energy efficient than other types of air conditioners
  • Is connected to window or door (for warm air outlet)
  • More noisy than other types of air conditioners
  • Takes up floor space
  • Smaller capacity range

Who needs a mobile air conditioner.

There are a lot of good and different conditioners, but how to understand that I need exactly a mobile conditioner, but not any other? – A demanding reader will think, and he will be right.

There are signs of people, who need a mobile conditioner, and also the situation, where such a device will be the most optimal decision.

A mobile person needs a mobile conditioner. By the way, all other signs will indirectly follow from the first point.

Best AC For Movers.

If you rent a house or if you are going to change the place of residence, and it is summer and even hot outside, mobile conditioner will be your savior. It requires no installation and is easy to connect. “Mobile air conditioner is not much different from, for example, refrigerators. I brought it home, plugged it in and it works”, By the way a number of mobile conditioners also work for heating “on the principle of any electric heater, that is there is a heating elements

If You Want To Buy Ac Instantly.

Sometimes the decision is made instantly, and you need an air conditioner now, or better yet, just yesterday. Or the question is in point of view: now or never. In such cases a mobile conditioner is a perfect decision. You can quickly buy it, plug it into the socket, take out the air duct and it is ready. The air is already cooled. While during the hot days, as the experience of summer, it is possible to wait for several days for installation of split-system.

Easy to Transport

It is even very good, especially if the house has a comfortable temperature, which can be provided by a mobile air conditioner. Moreover you do not need to worry about its safety, because you can take it back to the city when the season is over. If one lives in a country house all the year round it is better to purchase a mobile conditioner, which can work on heating. It will locally warm in winter, and cool air in summer.

How to choose a mobile air conditioner

you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile air conditioner. “From mobile air conditioners is higher noise than split systems, as the noisiest part – the compressor – is in the room. More often it is not installed at all, there is a half-open part of a window, where warm air from the street is coming in room , which reduces the real capacity of a air conditioner.

Air for cooling of the condenser is taken from the premise and thrown out to the street, and at the same time warm air is coming from the neighboring rooms or from the street, if there is no installation. Mobile conditioner has lower energy efficiency. The coefficients in energy efficiency classes are absolutely different for mobile conditioners and split-systems, for mobile conditioners the coefficients are lower.

How is a mobile conditioner built?

Mobile conditioner consists of plastic or metal box, where compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter and other details are situated, and “trunk” – air duct, which takes out the excessive heat to the street. Accordingly, the unit has two openings: the first is used to in take air for heating through the condenser and removing it from the room. The second is for cooling and cleaning; for this purpose, the air passes through the filter and the evaporat

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