What are split systems? and its types


Let’s consider them in details:

What are Split systems

Split systems are the most widespread ac, as they are perfect for cooling and heating of apartments, offices and other places. These systems consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that are connected to each other with a freon and drain line. The indoor unit can be located on the wall, under the ceiling or be built into the ceiling. This provides convenience and variability in installation.


Multi-split systems

when you need ac in more then 2-3 rooms then multi split ac is the right choice for you. It is the type of air conditioner that consists of one outdoor unit and several indoor units that are connected to each other

Multizone systems

When you need to air condition a large number of rooms (up to 20), multi-zone systems come to the rescue. They are also called VRV and VRF systems. Such systems are used in large houses, office buildings, etc.


it is clear that such units are mounted directly on the wall. This is the most common type due to small size, wide functionality, low noise and other advantages.

Ducted Air Conditioner

This type of ac is very good for those places, where is a high requirement of design and appearance of the equipment: these conditioners are installed into a wall or ceiling and are practically invisible to a glance.

Cassette conditioners. Cassette-type conditioners, as well as channel-type ones, are installed unnoticeable, but they require false ceiling. Air is distributed in the room through the lower part of the unit in four directions, which allows using it for effective air conditioning of a large room.

Mobile ac.

the word mobile hear represents “portable” air conditioning, as it do not require installation. An excellent air conditioner for summer.

Let’s analyze The main parts of air conditioner are the outside and inside unit.

Outside unit.

Outdoor unit is located outside the room, and it blows air inside air conditioner with the help of built-in fan.

Indoor Unit.

The work of the indoor unit is to take hot air outside of the room and blow cool air inside the room. In addition, some indoor system comes with filters, which provide pure and filtered air in the room and remove micro-particles.

The indoor units come in different types and functional purpose.


  • The air conditioner is not just a machine for cooling the air in the room, but a complex unit, which will help to create comfort and coziness in your home.
  • The air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, which comes in different types and varieties.
  • Specialists of outsource all services will not only help you find the most suitable air conditioner model at an affordable price but also carry out quality installation and service of your ac.


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