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Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems in supermarkets have are different from each other. Only at first glance, the construction of such a system seems like a simple solution. In reality, every supermarket has a lot of cooling equipment, problems with air filtration due to the constant flow of people. Supermarkets with cooking or bakery departments are equipped with an additional engineering system. Fish departments require elimination of unpleasant odors. In every case, an individual solution must be designed for each supermarket. 

Ventilation in the supermarket

In order to make the right project for the supermarket, experts advise to consider each zone separately, because the heat load in each of them is different. From any other buildings and premises, the supermarket differs in the placement of refrigerated cabinets in the air conditioned zone. Also in a supermarket, air infiltration is constantly increasing due to the constant flow of visitors. 

In order to make a systems to fully cope with their task, additional factors must be taken into account. The wall that separates the sales floor and storage areas should be solid and as airtight as possible. Storage rooms do not usually require an additional ventilation system. 

In order to prevent outside cold air from causing heat loss, the entrance area of a supermarket consists of two doors and a vestibule between them. The air supplied by the system in the vestibule must come from the main air conditioning system. Thus, there is increased pressure in this area and the room is protected from cold air entering inside. To maintain an optimum temperature in the vestibule during the winter period, use of a separate heating source is recommended. 

air humidity 

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Refrigerated display cases and other professional equipment react very poorly to high air humidity. Negative effects are manifested by fogged up windows, poor temperature regulation, the need for frequent defrosting, rising energy costs, etc.

To ensure a comfortable stay of people in the room, the level of air humidity should be maintained. There are several ways to adjust humidity values – natural, chemical and mechanical. The only acceptable and practical method for supermarkets is a mechanical one. 

Experts advise to slightly increase the power of air conditioning system, significantly reduced the energy costs of refrigeration systems.

Modern solutions for the supermarket.

Given the peculiarities and complexity of any supermarket project, you can entrust the development of the project of heating, ventilation and air conditioning only to specialists with good experience. Only a specialist will be able to assess the situation in the complex and offer the best solution for the customer. call us now and avail your free amazing offers or visit our website we are best ac service provider in Delhi Ncr.


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