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Always Remember installation of split system’s and multisplit-system’s units is not an easy task. If you are a resident of a block or a flats you should get a consent of all Neighbors for installation of outdoor unit , otherwise problems are guaranteed – outside unit are noisy. Owners of window AC and mobile air conditioners are free from this problem, but as you know, these devices have their own disadvantages.

If you manage to agree with the rest of the tenants, it is better to hang an outside unit in the street side, but here the requirements for apartment building’s facades come into force. In general, the choice of location for the outdoor unit is not as simple as it seems.

Besides the place of the location of the outdoor unit, you should also make the refrigerant hoses to the outdoor unit be as long as possible. And of course take care of the main power.

When laying the power supply it is necessary to drill the outside wall. And it is better to entrust such work to real professionals. Because when making this hole you should take into account the location of utilities in the wall – electric lines, water pipes, antenna, etc.

Remember, for your air conditioner to be under warranty, its installation should be carried out by a specialist from a certified organization.

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