Inverter AC vs Normal AC

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Let’s analyze the difference between inverter ac and normal ac, which one is better.

There is a the most common question, which is the best air conditioner – a normal or an inverter one. We all know about the use of air conditioners. Its main aim is to create a comfortable climate in a rooms, halls etc.

Inverter air conditioner is an air conditioner that allows you to adjust the power of the compressor. when it reaches the set temperature inside the room, it does not switch off, but switches to a lower power and maintains the set temperature very accurately. 

In any case the most important part of the air conditioner is the compressor – compresses transports the refrigerant through the coils, as a result of which the air becomes cooler.

There are two types of compressor – inverter and non-inverter.

Example of Inverter And Non Inverter Compressor

Originally, all air-conditioners were equipped with compressors, which worked according to one principle – they turned on, worked and turned off after reaching the necessary temperature. However, with the inverter compressors, the situation has changed.

How non inverter conditioner works (on/off)

When you turn on your air conditioner, you are expecting quick cooling or heating in the room. That is what the compressor is working for. 

Step-by-step operation of the non inverter system:

  • A built-in sensor measures the room temperature and compares it to the desired
  • Then the system adjusts its operation to change the temperature
  • The compressor starts to run the refrigerant, and the room cools rapidly

When the desired temperature is reached, the compressor switches off. After a while, the sensor measures the room temperature again, and if it does not correspond to the optimal temperature, the air conditioner cools again

This cycle lasts constantly – the compressor switches on and off. While working, it uses 100% of its power to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible. Thus, a lot of electricity is consumed. The climate is constantly fluctuating and is very rarely at the temperature you set. Of course, for some premises such conditioner’s work is suitable, but not everyone is satisfied with such results.

How does Inverter air conditioner work?

How inverter ac work

Inverter conditioner is working by a very similar scheme: a sensor measures the temperature in a room and after that the compressor starts its work it switched on and it works 100%, so that the changes of climate happen very quickly. But there is a big difference – if a usual compressor switches off when it reaches the target, the inverter compressor simply reduces its power. Thus, the Inverter compressor constantly maintains the desired temperature, and at the same time can operate at both minimum and maximum power – it all depends on the requirements of the room. A sensor constantly monitors the temperature, the temperature of room does not fluctuate, but is regularly maintained. inverter ac creates a very comfortable atmosphere around you. 

The best inverters are air conditioners are made by Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and LG.

Advantages and disadvantages of common and inverter air conditioners


Ordinary conditioners

  • Advantages: cheaper cost, easy to use, fast installation, works on cooling. 
  • Disadvantages: it is the principle of operation, constantly turning on and off the motor of the air conditioner (START-STOP), which puts high load on the split-system and it reduces the life of electric motor. 
  • due to its work process it starts throwing cold air all of a sudden. It creates the feeling of discomfort, especially when the cold air gets on touch with parts of the body.
  • More Electricity Consumption.

Inverter air conditioners 

An inverter air conditioner has many advantages. These include the range of motor frequency control. This is an important point when choosing an air conditioner on the basis of Inverter, so you should pay special attention to this point. A good inverter has the adjustment range from 25 up to 80% – at this ratio it reveals all its features and advantages of work. In cheap and weaker models, the range of motor frequency regulation is not so developed – only 40-70%. But in today’s market, there are new models that have surpassed their predecessors – the depth of the adjustment range reaches 5-90%.

But the first thing that you will notice while using the inverter split-system is the quietness of work. Taking into consideration the fact that such air conditioner is using less energy and power, its noise parameters are greatly reduced.

Some Inverter Split-system comes with an effective and qualitative filter. it is a multilayer filtration system, which cleans air from germs and bacteria up to 99%.

The big advantage of the inverter system is that it uses 40% less electricity than a regular non-inverter system.

But here appears a disadvantage – the price for inverter conditioner is rather high (as a rule 30%-40% more expensive than a usual air conditioner). But it will pay back with time, because the inverter system consumes much less energy.

In what premises is it better to install inverter and non-inverter air conditioner?

Inverter air conditioner is perfectly suitable for installation there, where the maximum comfort is a priority. like children’s room or a game room, a bedroom (to make your sleep more comfortable), a room for sports purposes (when a person sweats, it is better to exclude blowing by cold air), a medical establishment, or any other rooms where a pleasant atmosphere with low noise is needed.

Non-inverting air conditioners are used in living room in your house, where noise parameters are not important, as in living room there is much noise as it is. Air Conditioner with a non-inverter system is very good for such types of rooms, where the noise level can exceed the normal, and cold air blowing is not dangerous for anybody. Also, it will perfectly fit in a premise.

There are a lot of different parameters, according to which one should choose a split system. Because every one has its own requirements. That is why in order to choose the right Air Conditioner according to your need you should contact a specialist he will tell you which AC is best for you according to your need and requirement. 

conclusion about inverter air conditioners?

  • The cost of such system will be more expensive than the usual one by 30-40%; 
  • Low noise characteristics;
  • Accuracy of temperature control – up to one degree;
  • Power consumption is reduced up to 40%;
  • High service life.

Recommendations from the specialists of oas

The inverter split-system is suitable for premises with high requirements of comfort and safety for health like – in a bedroom, a living room, a nursery. For office, administrative premises, where unpretentiousness and cost are more important, a usual split-ac system is enough.


For more advice about choosing the right air conditioner, please contact our consultants or order a call back on our website.

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