How To Hide Air Conditioner Piping: 5 TIPS You Can Use To Hide Ac Piping

5 TIPS You Can Use To Hide Ac Piping
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Everyone loves Ac in hot weather. On the other hand, it’s hard to find anyone who likes ac Piping in the room. From an aesthetic point of view, air conditioner piping is not really very attractive, are they?

So if you want to install an air conditioner, and you find a solution for hiding air-conditioning piping Check this post.

Why worry about the air conditioning piping?

Besides adding comfort, Ac adds value to the property. However, even in modern decor, hardly anyone wants the AC pipes exposed. Therefore, hiding your AC pipes gives your room a very sharp and good look.

Best tips for hiding air conditioning pipes?

In most cases, you will probably have to hide air conditioning pipes and elements that can compromise the look, despite the comfort. Therefore, thinking of solutions that hide or disguise the appearance of the pipes is not only important for your satisfaction, but also in the quest to bring a new look to the room.

Air conditioning pipes are essential for their functioning, but they don’t need to be exposed. Here are 5 tips to cover them and make your room more gorgeous.

1. Use paint

If you like a modern touch and just want to disguise the air conditioning pipes, there are so many opportunities. The first is to use paint on the wall, hiding the pipes and integrating them into a wall with strong colors, or you can apply wallpaper.

2. Use plaster

In the case of hidden pipes in the wall, an alternative is to create a plaster wall that hides AC Piping. If the situation involves pipes passing close to the ceiling, you can opt for molding, which also makes the room more beautiful.

3. Use a false beam

A false beam is another option for hiding air conditioning piping. To use it, the structure of the room must allow modifications. If possible, this can also change the look of your room and add coziness to it.

4. use Channel and conduit for the air conditioning system

Channels structures are capable of providing a better look to your air conditioning pipes. depending on the decoration and color of the walls, they can even go unnoticed.

5. Choose custom furniture

This one is expensive, but it can makes your home and office move attractive. you can use bookshelves, panels, and custom cabinets, aiming to hide the pipes of the air conditioning exactly where it is necessary.

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