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Most of the time we choose Air conditioning systems by ourselves, by reading reviews on the Internet or listening to our friends and family. To avoid air conditioner or other equipment becoming a senseless waste of money, it is necessary to design air conditioning systems or chose a AC which you really need.

Designing of ventilation and air conditioning systems from the beginning

Designing of air conditioning systems


To start a project correctly, you need to draw up terms and conditions, which will take into account not only the regulatory requirements, but also the wishes of the customer. 

After the terms agreed between the designer and the customer, both have to sign a agreement, which must contain information about the stages of designing, timing and cost of work.

For planning working group may need to visit site to take measurements of windows, doorways, placement of equipment, etc.  

After that, proceed to the preparation of architectural drawings, which are used for technical calculations. It is important that all the technical solutions proposed to the customer comply with environmental, health and safety and other generally accepted standards. as well as be completely safe for people. 

Designing air conditioning systems a reminder 

Air conditioning systems are designed in order to provide the necessary indoor temperatures in the hot summer period. 

There are several factors that must be taken into account during the design and calculation process:  

  • The amount of heat comes in room through structures and openings;
  • The infiltration rate of the building;
  • heat loss from appliances, lighting. 
  • Design of ventilation and air conditioning systems documents

When the design work is complete, customer gets a complete documentation of technical and cost estimates, on the basis of which you can make a final budget required to purchase and install ventilation and air conditioning systems

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