Nowadays, rooms with a large number of machines and equipment are equipped with precision air conditioners that maintain a certain level of temperature and humidity for sensitive equipment’s, such as Server rooms, telecommunication stations, and laboratories. these workplaces works 24 x7 that is why it is important to choose right precision air conditioner system.

Basic parameters of choosing a precision air conditioner

First of all it is necessary to calculate the capacity of the air conditioner in order to cool all the equipment in the room. Such calculation is performed every time for each customer, you have to know the amount of equipment, and also the features of the building, the area and other factors that can effect the cooling of the air conditioning.

Thermal inertia of the room for the precision air conditioner is an important point, because the degree and accuracy of the temperature will depend on it. In cases of reduced heat load on the air conditioner, the system will automatically stop compressor operation. Therefore, capacity of precision air conditioner should be chosen very carefully.

you have to think what additional options you are getting with your air conditioning system.

Myths and misconceptions about Precision air conditioners.

There are a few more things to consider when installing a precision air conditioner.

1. One of the common misconceptions is that a precision air conditioner is capable of converting outside air according to its need. In fact, there are a number of limitations and parameters of the incoming air. Very high or low temperature of the outside air, or high humidity can have a negative influence on air conditioner’s work or can put it out of operation altogether. Therefore, you should install a separate system for air treatment.

2. A similar misconception is that due to the filters of the precision air conditioner, there will be no dust in the room. Initial air filtration should be provided by the ventilation system, and sources of dust in the room should be eliminated for cleanliness.

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