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For Choosing an air conditioning system (Split-AC) for the room, you need to consider certain factors that may affect not only the choice of a particular system, but also the installation process and its operation. 

Stage To Install a Split Air Conditioning System? 

It is considered optimal to install a split ac at the time when renovation works are carried out in a room. It is recommended to mount the air conditioning system before the beginning of finishing work. If installation is made by specialists like us we provide best ac service in delhi, all communications and technical connections at this stage can be hidden directly in the wall.

by installing split ac before interior finishing works, you can significantly save money. As a rule the AC installation is about 2 times cheaper during repairing works. It is recommended to determine the place of installation in advance.

The steep wall of a high-rise house is not the best choice, because it will complicate the installation work, and then the ac service. It is best to place the outdoor unit on a balcony or other easily accessible location. 

How to calculate the AC cooling power? 

In order to choose a Perfect split AC, it is necessary to calculate cooling power of split AC for a concrete premise. Such data can be used for calculation: 0.60 kVT of heat is coming into a premise through 1 meter square of windows and other glass constructions, 0.20 kVT of heat is released by an adult. In the calculation it is necessary to take into account the presence of office or other equipment. For example, the heat emitted by a computer is 0.2 kW, a printer 0.3kW, etc. 

The capacity of the split air conditioning system must exceed the total heat gain in the room, with at least 1 kW of cooling for every 10 meters square.

Cost of air conditioning system 

Choosing an air-conditioning system within a certain budget, it is necessary to add about 10% of money for different accessories for installation of the system and about 20-25% for installation works. You should never save on these parts, because even the most reliable air conditioning system can fail after wrong installation. 

So the important question is where you should buy an air conditioner. We recommend you to buy air conditioning systems of well known brands. you will get brand warranty and and also good performance.

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