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AC is one of the most needed appliances for people who experience hot weather in their cities. It provides you the utmost comfort even in the regions where the temperature goes upto 53 degree centigrade. With an emerging technology, it is now cost effective to buy an AC in your budget.

Factors of Buying An AC | Window, Split, Centralized

There are various factors which must be considered before buying an AC. Neglecting these factors may cause you discomfort in the long run for operation and handling of an AC. The factors for Buying the right AC for yourselves are:

Purpose of AC

It determines for what purpose are we buying the AC such as for an institute, shops, home, hospital, office, etc. Purpose of AC is directly related to other factors of buying AC.

Capacity of AC

Capacity of AC is also denoted by size of AC. Capacity of AC is considered based on size of room or area where AC is to provide cooling. Refer to the table which states recommended AC capacity as per room area for the house.

CapacityArea (sq. ft) 
1 Ton100
1.5 Ton150
2 Ton200

Type of AC

It is a confusing thing for many people to decide the type of AC to be bought. Determining a type of AC depends on factors such as purpose of AC and fixture of AC in the room. For eg- For Offices it is advisable to have centralised ac, For room with ventilation source Window AC is recommended and for a closed room a split AC is required.   


Some people have constraint budgets and for others, quality is the main focus to look upto. However, in most of the cases people look for the price of the AC for comparison with other competing AC’s.

Energy Efficiency

Latest AC’s have energy efficient indications on them. AC’s have a star rated system wherein higher star ratings mean higher energy efficiency. These can be scaled from 1 star to 5 star. It is good to check these as it’s cost effective in the long run.


It is one of the important factors to consider as most of the AC’s come with 1 year warranty and 5 year warranty on the Compressor coil. However, this can differ from brand to brand therefore you must check before buying the AC.

Quality of Part Used in AC

One must manufacturer’s manual on the internet for the quality of parts used in manufacturing the AC unit such as Compressor having copper coil or aluminum coil. This indicates the durability of the AC which you are about to buy.

Inverter AC

Traditionally, when AC reaches the desired room temperature its compressor shuts down and restarts after some time to manage the room temperature. In Inverter AC, compressors do not shut down rather it keeps running to maintain cooling for prolonged duration with less energy consumption, lesser noise as compared to traditional AC and less power spikes.


With the emerging technology, the AC technology has also evolved. AC now have unbelievable features, they are:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Similar to Siri and Alexa, now AC’s can react to your voice commands.
  • Auto Cleaning: Automatic removal of dirt and dust particles in the AC blower.
  • Dust Filters: It filters tiniest dirt and dust particles.
  • Heater: AC manages temperature in winters to keep you warm.
  • Dehumidifier: It reduces the humidity present in the air of the room to provide you comfort.
  • Anti Bacteria Filter: It removes air borne bacteria and germs present in the room. 

Competitor Comparison

Before buying an AC one must check other AC’s in relation to all the factors so that the best one can be chosen out of all. Afterall only you can decide what is the best option as per your AC needs. 

Conclusion: How to Buy AC

We have mentioned all the key factors to consider while buying an AC. Price is defined on the basis of features, energy efficiency, capacity of AC, Quality of spare parts and its warranty.

Higher amount of features, energy stars, capacity will lead to a higher price of an AC. Also, we must not forget that nobody buys AC every year rather it is bought once in a decade. We leave rest up to you, let us know which AC did you buy in our comment section.

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