Commercial AC services

Commercial AC services differ from household AC service. The major difference between the two is due to the high capacity of AC and type of AC’s. Outsource All Services have a specialized team of AC experts for offices, institutes, hospitals, shops, malls, and other commercial areas.

Need for commercial AC Services

It is crucial to understand the specialized needs for commercial AC services since it is served at a larger scale. Some of the factors to be considered while availing commercial AC services are:

  • AC Service for Multiple AC’s

Commercial AC services involve providing through inspection, cleaning and repair to all the AC’s at a workplace. This may include different types of AC’s and different brands of AC.

  • Discounts

Commercial AC services are done for multiple AC’s, therefore Outsource All Services offers huge discounts and packages especially curated for commercial purposes.

  • Quick support 

Outsource All Services offers a quick support service for commercial clients so that there is no impact on business of our clients.

  • Services packages

The service packages of commercial AC services differ from household AC services since a higher number of AC and its services are involved in the process.

  • Skilled professional

Commercial AC services require experienced and skilled AC experts like Outsource All Services who are well versed with the in and out of the various AC brands, AC types and its fitting.

  • Wiring and Duct Cleaning

It is a common issue that arises repeatedly in any commercial space. In Delhi, duct cleaning is required due to higher pollution levels (especially when any construction is taking place in the premises). Wiring always needs to be good and reliable for safety. Also, it needs to be placed in such a way that it is not visible normally to maintain ambience of the place.


Best Commercial AC Services

Outsource All Services is the best company offering AC services to the commercial sector. We have experienced technicians who are trained on a high skill-set. We are flexible with timings for the services for avoiding disturbance or disruption in operations.

If you are planning to set up an office, institute, hotel, hospital, mall, shops, etc, then it is crucial for you to install AC’s and get the best ac services for its upkeep. One can always get in touch with us. Call us for free consultation.

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