Basic DIFFERENCE BETWEEN window and split air conditioner. and some Buying tips


Ac become the most common household device, like hairdryer or a refrigerator. the market of ac is very big wide range of producers, with good price difference.

today we will help you in how you can select a perfect a ac. We also select some terms that people often ask to our consultants when they buy new air conditioner.

How to buy air conditioner?

The first thing the buyer should decide is the type of ac. in indian market there are mainly 2 type of ac which are window air conditioners, split air conditioners.

Window Ac

Window ac consist of a single unit, which is mounted in a window or in the wall.

Disadvantages of window ac.

  • high noise level in room.


Split AC

Split ac are more popular as compare to window ac- it is air conditioner, consisted of two blocks, one of which is setting in a premise (inside) and the other is setting at the street (outside). This type ac unites is very comfortable, because it makes less noise during work, has more energy efficiency in comparison with other type of air conditioners. But installing this type of air conditioner is a labor-intensive process that requires additional costs.

Basic terms you will hear while buying an air conditioner.

Freon – a refrigerant, a working fluid (or gas, depending on pressure and temperature) that is colorless, tasteless, and odorless under normal conditions.

Compressor– The compressor is located in the outdoor unit in split systems. It compresses vapors from the evaporator to a pressure of 15-25 bars, after which they enter the condenser.

Condenser – is the heat exchange of the unit. It performs the opposite function to the evaporator – it converts gaseous Freon into liquid. The heat generated in the process is Thrown outside with the help of the unit fan.

inverter ac, allows adjusting the speed rotation of the compressor. Its increase service life of the air conditioner by 30-50% and allows to save up to 35% of energy.

If you want to learn more about spare parts used in ac read our post on AIR CONDITIONER SPARE PARTS LIST

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