Air Conditioner Spare Parts List


An Air Conditioner is said to be good when it has high quality spare parts used in its manufacturing. AC is made up of various parts, Here is the list of commonly used spare parts in repairs and making of AC:

  • AC Filters

AC Filters are the key parts for filteraton of the air. It filters dust, dirt and many bacterias present in the air.

  • AC Fan

An AC fan is an important part used for circulation of air. It is controlled by the mechanism of the entire AC Unit.

  • AC Condenser

Condenser is one of the main parts for the cooling system of AC hence it can’t be missed out of the list.

  • AC Component

AC Component comprises 5 main parts of AC. They are Refrigerant, Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator and Expansion Valve.

  • AC Panel

AC panels are plastic made panels used on the front body of the AC.

  • AC Belt

AC Belt was used in older AC’s, when these ACs started to make noises then the belt is required to be replaced for reducing noise.

  • AC Controller

AC controllers are known as AC Remote. These are the devices used to control AC portably from a specific distance.

  • AC Drain Pipe

Drain pipe ensures extra water during condensation is removed systematically. The moisture travels and reaches the desired drainage area. 

  • AC Fan Motor

It is a motor which is used in AC to operate the AC fan and move at a great speed to throw air.

  • AC Pump

The pump is one of the crucial parts in removal of excess water in AC while condensation.

  • AC Heating Element

AC Heating Element is responsible for managing room temperature at specific set temperatures.

  • AC Relay

AC Relay is a connector used in AC to connect various parts for power supply.

  • AC Shell – Cabinet

It is the outer covering of the Window AC. It does not need repair for a long duration but must be replaced once it is rusty.

  • AC Cover

AC Cover is a type of fabric used to protect AC from dust and dirt. These come in various designs and patterns. These are washable and reusable.

  • AC Valve

AC Valves are used in split AC systems and it is used to refill AC gas or coolant. 

  • AC Blower

AC Blower consists of two parts with the AC, AC Motor and AC Blower fan. They are used as one since they are attached to each other and work together.

  • AC Power Cable

AC Power cables are required to handle high voltage of AC. These are highly durable and are made up of utmost quality for safety.

Fresh air is a basic need for survival of humans. Likewise, These spare parts mentioned in the list are a basic need of a smooth operating AC. Outsource All Services have all ranges of quality spare parts to offer their clients.

You may find many companies in the market selling and manufacturing these spare parts. It is advisable that you cross check the parts for quality of material, type of material, size and shape of material used to manufacture and as per the requirement of the job.

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