Air conditioner service: when and why to carry it out


If you want smooth work operation of your Air Conditioner or If you want to ingress its service life, it is recommended to service your air conditioner on time. Proper ac service reduces the chances of sudden breakdowns of the device. And it also increases service life of your air conditioner.

The need of air conditioning service is also important because of quality of air in the room. un serviced or dirty air conditioners through air with elements that are unsafe for human health. This can provoke asthma attacks, allergic reactions, skin diseases, etc.

In the article, we will consider information on the service and maintenance of air conditioners, what is the need for regular service of your air conditioner, the rules for proper ac service and a list of maintenance work. We will also tell you how much air conditioning service cost.

Manufacturers of Air conditioning, experienced ac technicians and even sellers of Air conditioning systems Tell you about the need of servicing an air conditioner. These recommendations should be taken seriously, since such preventive measures allow you to avoid many problems with the AC, identify minor malfunctions in a timely manner, preventing serious breakdowns.

Frequency and benefits of regular Ac serviceing

Maintenance and service of air conditioners, performed by professionals using special equipment.

It is recommended to carry out maintenance 2 times a year: before starting the system in the for cooling operation and in the end of summer season, when you planned to stop using ac.

Cleaning some parts of the air conditioning system can be done independently without the help of specialists. The frequency of such work is 3-4 times a month. To do this, you will need tools at hand: a brush, a soft cloth, soap solution or special cleaning agents for air conditioners.

The correct operation of service is not only to increase its service life but also avoid sudden breakdowns. Let’s consider all the factors that justify the need for maintenance of the AC.

advantages of regular ac service

  1. Efficient AC operation is ensured.
  2. Prevention of emergency situations.
  3. Prevention of the appearance of pathogenic microbes, mold, fungal formations and dust mites in the Blocks of the AC.
  4. Reduced operating costs.
  5. Increases it service life.

List of work on the service of the air conditioner

Professional ac service includes.

  • Checking the performance of the air conditioner system in different modes.
  • Cleaning the surfaces and parts of the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • cleaning of indoor unit systems and outdoor systems.
  • Cleaning / replacing filters.
  • System pressure control.
  • Checking the freon line, monitoring the absence of refrigerant leaks, refueling with Freon if necessary.
  • Checking the operation of the drainage system.
  • Checking the temperature of the air leaving the evaporator.
  • Measuring the temperature of the air leaving the indoor unit.
  • Tightening threaded connections.
  • Checking for extraneous noise in the operating mode.
  • Checking all electrical connection.
  • Checking the fan motor bearings.

How Long Does Air Conditioning Service Takes

The duration of the standard service of air conditioners is around 1 hour to 1.5 hour

How Much Does It Cost To Service And Maintain An Ac?

The cost of maintenance of air conditioners is calculated on an individual basis, which depends on various factors: the type and capacity of the equipment. For example, maintenance of industrial air conditioners is more expensive than maintenance of household models.

Split Ac Service cost Between 300-700 Depending upon the company you call for service.

window AC service cost between 250-500 Depending upon company you call for service.

Inverter ac and non inverter ac general service cost is almost same there is no such difference between them.

You can find out the exact cost of professional maintenance in your city by calling the service center.


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