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Years ago air conditioner could be called a luxury. And now it is just a necessary thing in every house. In addition during the technical progress a huge number of different types of air conditioners were developed. That is why it is quite difficult to make a choice in favor of one thing. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the advantages of inverter air conditioners.

And first of all, it is necessary to mention what exactly inverter air conditioner is and how it works. Air Conditioner itself consists of two blocks, one is inside and another one is outside. The elements of this system are compressor, condenser etc. They are connected to each other by special copper pipes, which make up a refrigerating contour. When the air conditioner is working, the refrigerant moves through this system, which changes its state from liquid to gas and vice versa.

And so, the main engine of an air conditioner is the compressor. which consume the most electricity . To put it simply, you set necessary temperature for air conditioner. It reaches it and continues working on maintaining temperature but with lower rotations.

Differences Between Invertor Ac from non Invertor AC.

Exactly in a principle of operation is the basic difference between inverter Air conditioner and non inverter ac. The compressor of a non-inverter AC works in a different way. When the necessary temperature is reached, the system switches off. And if there are significant changes, special sensors are triggered, which resume operation of the air conditioner. Thus, there are big temperature fluctuations and the climate is not so comfortable and stable as inverter system.

Inverter system has the Options to regulate the capacity. Based on this, we can say that the advantages of inverter air conditioners make it more attractive to buy a system than a non-inverter one.

The main advantages of inverter Air conditioners.

Working on precise temperature maintenance. Thanks to the inverter compressor the system is able to keep the temperature at minimum fluctuations, as low as 0,7°C.

Low noise levels.

Due to the fact that there is no constant switching on and off, the compressor is able to work very quietly, so the noise level of the indoor unit is reduced to about 19-21dB.

Power saving.

Inverter air conditioners on average consume 25-35% less electricity than non-inverter models. And inverter systems are also highly energy efficient because they produce several times more energy than they consume.

Fast attainment of the set temperature.

With microprocessor control, the inverter system automatically determines the optimal cooling or heating mode. And the inverter compressor allows doing it 2 times faster than the classic split system.


Inverter Air conditioners are using only ecofriendly ozone friendly freons(gas) R410A and R32 that are not only harmless to people and environment but also optimize the work of the climate system.

Resistance to voltage fluctuations.

Due to the fact that the air conditioner is not switched on and off all the time, there is a very small load on AC part.

Option of heating at extremely low temperatures.

Inverter air conditioners are capable of operating on heat at outside temperatures down to 17°C, -21°C and -32°C.

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