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Dwarka is one of the largest areas of Delhi with an area of 56.5 Km2 and population of over 1.2 million. These figures are quite convincing to state “Dwarka” as one of the major localities not just in West Delhi but also in the entire Delhi region and therefore Outsource All Services began to deliver best of AC service in Dwarka at the people’s doorstep.

Outsource All Services identified that people in Dwarka look for AC service providers who are reliable and can provide quality services without any hassle. Since it is the second diplomatic enclave, government authorities have been investing huge amounts of funds on its urbanization.

Dwarka comprises various Shopping malls, Hospital, Residential colonies, Institutes, Offices, Banquet halls, Universities and sports complex. All these use AC’s due to extreme weather conditions of Delhi in summers and hence require AC service in Dwarka’s all sectors.

Signs to Call for AC Service in Dwarka

It is important to understand when your AC needs services. This can be done by observation of various signs such as:

  • Foul Smell

If you experience foul smell coming from your AC then it is commonly due to unclean AC and its parts which deplete the freshness of air. In such cases, your AC needs cleaning services for working optimally. 

  • Prolonged time for Cooling

In some cases, AC takes more than usual time to reach at the desired temperature. The cause for this cannot be stated without thorough inspection. Some common reasons include Low Gas levels, AC needs cleaning or could be a breakdown of any spare part.

  • AC not Cooling

If AC is found not cooling the room or cabin at all then it definitely requires AC repair services and there could be a possibility for breakdown due to non maintenance of AC. 

  • Periodic Maintenance 

In case, the AC services you availed was a long time ago then its is recommended to get your AC checked to ensure its smooth functioning and prolonged life.

  • Safety Issues

It is important to consider this point since safety comes first as we all have children and parents at home. We just can’t take risks for our safety. If you spot any sparking or any such unusual activity then it is advisable that you opt for immediate AC service in Dwarka. 

Best AC Service in Dwarka | Outsource All Services

There are a number of brands providing ac service in Dwarka but they lack in quality services. Outsource All Services have identified the shortcomings of all these providers to offer Best ac service in Dwarka. Here are the few unique aspects which OAS excels:

  • Quick AC Service

Outsource All Services delivers fast ac service in Dwarka as we our technician reach out to our clients as quickly as possible. We value the time of all the people and strictly follow it.

We use superior quality spare parts while providing AC service in Dwarka. These spare parts come with a 3 month warranty and are highly durable in terms of quality.

  • Award-Winning support

We have a dedicated support team for handling customer’s queries and technician visits. One can either get in touch via calling or they can chat on live chat support on the website. 

  • All AC Types

There are various types of AC’s that can be found in Dwarka. This is because of its use in various purposes. Some of the examples are HVAC, Window AC, Split AC and Centralized AC. OAS delivers all types of AC Service in Dwarka to all types of AC irrespective of their brands.

  • Best Packages

We charge nominal rates for all types of ac service in Dwarka. Outsource All Services offers an exclusive AC AMC service to all clients at one time charge annually

  • Emergency Services

We have a dedicated team that delivers emergency AC Service in Dwarka. In a state of emergency, we tend to resolve the issues and provide a safe environment so that problem is fixed without any hassle. We are available for our customers 24*7.

Coverage of AC service in Dwarka

AC Service in Dwarka must be covered in the following aspects in order to offer doorstep and convenient services to all consumers. The aspects are: 

  • Location

We deliver ac services in all the locations of Dwarka which includes:

Sector-1 Sector-2 Sector-3
Sector-4 Sector-5 Sector-6
Sector-7 Sector-8 Sector-9
Sector-10 Sector-11 Sector-12
Sector-13 Sector-14 Sector-15
Sector-16A,16B Sector-17 Sector-18A, 18B
Sector-19 Ph-2 Sector-20 Sector-21
Sector-22 Sector-23 Sector-24
Sector-25 Sector-26 Sector-27
Sector-28 Sector-29 Dwarka Mor

  • Purpose

We offer AC service in Dwarka based on the purpose of AC usage. The AC can used for various purpose and at various places such as:

  • Home

Outsource All Services offer ac service for all types of houses. Be it a Flat, double storey, Bungalow, Villa, Floor etc. Our AC experts understand the need for AC and its services at everyone’s home. 

  • Offices

AC service for offices must be unique as it determines the comfort level of employees working at an office. Directly or indirectly, this impacts the productivity of an organization. AC’s are used in high intensity as compared to household purposes and hence require special attention along with periodic services. 

  • Institutes

Institutes refers to educational centers such as schools and colleges. They have special needs as they want the ac repair and services to be done in other than their working hours so that there is no impact on their operations. Also, they involve a large number of AC’s and various types of AC’s. Thus, It requires experts who are well versed with knowledge of AC all needs.  

  • Malls

Shopping Malls have been in trend over the past two decades. There is no doubt people love to buy and enjoy luxury at shopping malls which make it compulsion for various shop and office owners to have their AC up and running. We offer unique packages for upkeep of their AC’s too. 

  • Hospitals

Hospitals have evolved themselves over a period of a decade. They are now concerned not only about their patients but also their staff members. This is done for making a comfortable environment for everyone which includes the process of AC installation as well. When we mention AC’s, the requirement for services comes along with it automatically. Hospitals comprises various types and brands of AC which can only be fixed and maintained by experienced professionals such as Outsource All Services.   

  • Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants need specialized ac service as they need increased rate of ventilation and centralized controllable gigantic systems. These kinds of AC require special ac service in Dwarka since breakdown is very costly and maintenance is not easily available for these.

  • Brand

We are Best provider for AC service in Dwarka hence it is essential for us to cover all the AC brands for services. Some of the common brand name includes:

Voltas, LG, Carrier, Hitachi, Blue Star, Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Lloyd, Godrej, Onida, Haier, O’General, Croma, etc.

  • Type of AC

Our services cover all types of AC which includes Window AC, Split AC, Portable AC, Centralised AC and HVAC. It requires an experienced and trained professional who is passionate to deal with challenges while offering services with a smile.

Different types of offered AC Service in Dwarka

We are the best company offering AC Service in Dwarka. AC service vary as per the needs of the AC. some of the AC services offered by Outsource All Services include: 

Everything requires cleaning after a period of time since dust and dirt gets accumulated in them. Likewise, AC also requires cleaning periodically to clean dust, dirt, bacterial and fungal clog accumulated in filters and other parts over time. We offer power jet cleaning services at your doorstep.

AC repair services are commonly required when AC is not functioning properly. A defective or damaged AC can be a concern for comfort, money as well as safety. It is recommended you get your AC checked timely to prevent breakdown and optimum performance.

We offer best AC repair services with a warranty of 90 days and use superior quality spare parts where they need to be replaced. Also, each spare part is inspected thoroughly for its performance.     

We suggest for AC Installation services in Dwarka to be availed from a reputed company like ours where a professional guides you about where the best placement for the AC would be. Also they take care of wiring, interiors and all other fixtures. 

This is one common issue that arises every year amongst the people of Dwarka. AC Gas Refilling or Recharging in Dwarka must be availed only with a reliable AC service provider in dwarka.

A lot of local electricians cheat by faking the need of refilling gas in AC without even the need of it. Our technicians inspect AC thoroughly and then recharge them if required by providing transparency of gas levels to all our customers. 

This is a unique concept for AC service in Dwarka which is specially built by Outsource All Services for people who are moving from one premises to another.

The AC Shifting services in Dwarka involves dismantling, packaging, cleaning and reinstalling of the AC at the new premises.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual maintenance Contract oftenly known as AMC is an AC services in Dwarka wherein a contract signed by Outsource All Services team for taking care of the entire AC unit for a whole year. This includes periodic services, repair and thorough inspection of the AC.

Outsource All Services: Book an AC Technician

Our AC service in Dwarka comes with a warranty of 90 days. All our AC technicians who provide doorstep services to clients are highly skilled and experienced. We have been serving for the past 2 years and raised the standard of the service but we are the ones who started with quality. 

We are considered by people as the most reliable AC service in Dwarka. Our technicians are doctors for ac services, they enhance its performance and increase their life by right skills and tools. Book a technician visit with our company for absolutely no hidden cost.

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