AC Cleaning Service

AC cleaning service is an art which is carried out by every AC expert. AC cleaning is required for all types of AC’s be it of any capacity. If one doesn’t get AC cleaned for long, the performance of the AC may deteriorate and it may cost high in the long run. Outsource All Services offers the best AC cleaning Service in town.

Process of AC Cleaning

AC cleaning is a systematic process. AC must be thoroughly cleaned using professional tools. Every AC requires a unique kind of cleaning. Here is the different ways of how an AC is cleaned: 

for Window AC

Process of AC Cleaning Service for Window AC:

  • Firstly, we ensure removal of switches to avoid any kind of shocks and then we remove the front panel including Air filters.
  • The entire AC unit is pulled out of the case carefully for further deep cleaning.
  • Cleaning agents are applied Front Panel, AC blower, AC case for removal of dust, dirt and molds. They are left on for a while like this.
  • All these parts are further washed with water using a Power Jet.
  • OAS technician dries all the parts and then reassembles them professionally.

For Split AC

Process of AC leaning Service for Spilt AC:

  • Firstly, we ensure removal of switches to avoid any kind of shocks and then open the front panel carefully.
  • We take out air filters, bacteria filters etc. and then we dismantle the front panel.
  • By covering the AC with a cover, it is thereafter washed thoroughly including coil and blower.
  • Cleaning agents are used on all the parts and they are washed with water using a Power Jet.
  • The compressor is a crucial unit which is neglected by many but the Outsource All Services team does clean that too as it’s a crucial part of AC too.

Removal of parts in AC requires professional skills, if one is not aware about it then he/she must not attempt to remove it as it may lead to breakage of AC and lead to involvement of higher cost.

ac cleaning service

Professional Equipments  |  Outsource All Services

Outsource All Services is a leading company for AC services in Delhi. In order to offer professional AC services, we use professional equipment for enhanced quality of services.

Indeed it requires skills and experience to clean an AC but along with that, professional equipment also plays an important role. Equipment that are required in cleaning of AC’s are:

  • Power Jet
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Brushes and Scrubber

Important Factors that impact AC Cleaning

There are certain factors which determine the frequency and need of the AC cleaning. Usually AC’s require cleaning once in a year however this may vary depending on various factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Drainage – If there is a drainage sewer around the locality which means in the radius of 3 km then your AC filters are bound to get dirty as filters absorb the dirt and dust present in the air.
  • Pollution – Pollution is a critical issue in cities like Delhi. AC’s also get affected by it as it absorbs the polluted air from the environment to convert it into fresh and cool air. 
  • Location of premises– If a premises is located on a roadside then the dust and dirt around that house is more than that of usual. This may affect the AC performance as AC absorbs all this dust.
  • Geographical Conditions – In a place where the temperatures remain hot for most of the year, the usage of AC increases respectively. More the Usage of AC, the more dust and dirt it collects by purifying air for prolonged duration. On the other hand, less dust and dirt is collected where the winters are long.

These factors may lead you to avail AC cleaning service more than once a year but it is essential for every machine to get cleaned periodically for optimum output.

AC Cleaning Service Near you in Delhi

Outsource All Services offers the best AC cleaning services in various parts of Delhi such as Janakpuri, Dwarka, Dashrath Puri, Vikaspuri, Vijay Enclave, Tilak Nagar, etc. Our skilled AC experts use professional equipment to offer you long-lasting and branded services. We clean all types and brands of AC. Get in touch for booking a technician visit.

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